AUTOMATION CONTROL is a switchgear manufacturer that deals with low voltage & high voltge electrical panels; the location of the company is in Beirut-lebanon.Please fell free to contact us .....


Sample of our product

 Automation Control, supplies furthermore a very accurate technical assistance in the commissioning of the plants, final tests, maintenance activities, urgent intervention for repair, both in Lebanon and abroad.



  Automation Control, was established in the early nineties of the past century.


Automation Control is a switchgear manufacturer that deals with low voltage & high voltage electrical panels; the location of the company is in Beirut-Lebanon.


 The range of the company products , commensurations with the international standards and most advanced technologies includes but not limited to varieties of switchgears and panels in low up to high tension ranges which are in totality designed and manufactured



 Complying with the quality Control Plan, every panel is checked and tested. Documented and optimized manufacturing procedures allow a very high productivity with guaranteed quality.

 Particular attention is paid to the metallic structures and to the copper bars, most of which are submitted to a special surface treatment for a good preservation of their characteristics.

The area assigned to the assembly activity foresees wide space with adequate equipment for the correct movement of electric materials by facilitating the insertion of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic components.

The wiring area of the auxiliary and service conductors, as well as the finishing and tagging operations complete the production cycle.

The finished product is then checked for proper operation. Special procedures and appropriate instrumentations allow carrying out the functional tests with total simulation of the actual operation mode, as well as the isolation and dielectric rigidity tests. 

The finished product is completed by the complementary technical documentation, including wiring and schematic diagrams, material component list, descriptive technical manuals, operation instructions and technical feature sheets.


 Automation Control can grant the direct management of the plants, with 24- hours’ assistance and coordination of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.






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